I felt I knew so much about love until last night when I was dulled.

You know that feeling that you know something is real but never really experienced it.

I had to go to the bible to learn more about love.

In Romans 2, I saw that love isn’t soft, it is KIND. Another thing is that love holds you FIRMLY by the hand, it doesn’t pull or push you.

Lastly in 1 Cor 13, I saw that love doesn’t force itself on others.

It hurts to see the person you love comfortably, intentionally hurt you; that’s what God goes through every day.

But love never diminishes. He might give you some space to learn, but he’s always there in the shadows waiting for you to call him

Love never gives up.

Make an action of love today.

It might be as simple as making a phone call to the person that hurt you, letting them know you forgive them, to getting a random stranger lunch.

Keep loving and never relent.



Dear God, thank you for making all things new.

Thank you for all that you’ve allowed into our lives this past year, the good along with the hard things which has reminded us how much we need you and rely on your presence filling us every single day.

We pray for your spirit to lead us each step of this new year.

We pray that you’d guide our decisions and turn our hearts to deeply desire you above all else.

We ask that you’ll open doors needing to be opened and close the ones needing to be shut tight.

We ask that you would help us release our grip on the things we’ve said NO, NOT YET, or WAIT.

We ask for help to pursue you first,above every dream and desire you’ve put within our hearts. We ask for your wisdom, for your strength and

power to be constantly present within us.

We pray you would make us stronger and courageous for the road ahead, Give us ability beyond why we feel able, let your gifts flow freely through us,so that you would be honored by our lives as others would be drawn to you.

Help us to be known as great givers,help us to be generous and kind, help us to look to the needs of others and not be consumed by our own.

May we be lovers of truth in Jesus name AMEN


I’ve strived to stay consistent about consistency. Even the best business plans will fail without a dedication to consistency. 
If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it. If I say I’m going to be somewhere, I’m there. If I initiate a new business process or initiative, I follow through. 
In my experience, consistency is a must as you build and grow your business.

Here’s why:
1. Consistency allows for measurement.

Until you have tried something new for a period of time and in a consistent manner, you can’t decide if it works or not.  How do you measure effectiveness if what you are measuring isn’t performed consistently?
I typically give new initiatives, processes, and organizational structures at least six months before judging them a success or failure. It’s often minor tweaking instead of major overhauls that make the difference.
2. Consistency creates accountability. 

  I put a priority on making time for and being available to my team. I work to establish consistent and recurring meetings when a project or aspect of the business requires attention.
The simple fact that there is a set time to report on progress is often the catalyst that moves an initiative along to a successful end.
3. Consistency establishes your reputation.

Business growth requires a track record of success. You can’t establish a track record if you are constantly shifting gears or trying new tactics. Many efforts fail before they get to the finish line, but not because the tactic was flawed or goals weren’t clear. The problem is often that the team simply didn’t stay the course to achieve the objective.

4. Consistency maintains your message.

I pay as much or more attention to what I do as to what you say. Consistency in your leadership serves as a model for how they will behave.  If you treat a meeting as unimportant, don’t be surprised when you find they are doing the same to fellow teammates or even customers.
When something doesn’t work, I look back at what happened and ask some serious questions. Did I shift gears too quickly? Did I not not deliver on a commitment? Or was the expected outcome off base from the start? Most of the time, the reason tracks back to lack of consistency.


Values depreciates, 

flowers get wilted 

I knew not that you saw me as cheap and gullible. 
When will you ever stop lying to me?

When will things change?

Things can never be normal if you keep lying and deceiving me…. 
Our relationship then started with trust, love, understanding and everything good one could think of,

But when you started lying to me,

things grew worse 

and we couldn’t eradicate the main issue

till we had a break 
I actually think we’ve grown past telling lies.

Athough, we’ve nothing in common right now,

It won’t be so good 

If your new relationship is built on the same foundation that ended ours 
Change is inevitable,

People are dispensable.

We ought to live in a right way 

not fake our lives


Jim saved for a long time in Alaskan cruise. At last he was on board with two carefully packed suitcases.The first evening,when he heard ‘dinner is served’ announced over the loudspeaker, he took peanut crackers from his suitcase and sat at the table for in his small cabin.Every day at mealtime, he repeated the usuals. It wasn’t that Jim didn’t know that his meals were included In the price of the ticket. For two weeks he enjoyed beautiful scenery off the decks but ate dry,stale food in his cabin.This sad story is a metaphor for how some believers live the Christian life. God has promised to meet every needs of his children— His riches are included in the price Christ paid for their salvation (Eph.1:18)
Yet many folks are trying to live out of their own resources. They don’t know that the wealth of God’s love,power,and provision is on their menu. A believer’s relationship with the lord is one of complete unity. Jesus is our life. His spirit lives through us. Therefore anything that’s available to him is also available to the brothers and sisters in Christ, all power, strength, and endurance as well as whatever is required to fulfill physical and emotional needs. Jim didn’t know he had the right to satisfy his hunger in an extravagant way. Learn from this exaggerated example. Read your bible to know what you’re entitled to through faith. God offers believers everything required for living well and wisely.

Trust him for all your needs 


I think I found the cure for divorce. Spend one morning at divorce court. This is what I did yesterday while standing as a character reference for one of our church members.
Ours was the last case of the day, so I got a chance to witness a number of emotional, spiritual and physical disasters unfold before me. While I am not sure what hell is actually like, I am sure that some of the elements I witnessed yesterday will be part of the equation.This is the underbelly of human emotion and behavior.
 One by one, spouse after spouse and parent after parent stood before a judge who now was in charge of decisions that were once theirs. Dollar amounts were being placed on kids. This kid is worth this amount in support, another a higher amount because they took gymnastics lessons. Even virtual visits were being assigned. 
The parties involved no longer communicated. Instead they were spoken for by their personal attorneys.

I never saw one former couple make eye contact during my stay at the court that morning. It was as though the space that their former partner encompassed was removed from the cosmic grid. They no longer existed.
What I found interesting was that there was also not a couple there who did not start their relationship in either passionate infatuation or determined “love”. Now, they stood here as puppets of the system, being spoken for and to by intermediaries and worldly sovereigns. I really can’t describe how awful it was. It took me about a day to recover.

So what happened to love? Was true love ever present? And if it was, how is this result possible? Is love really able to overcome all things? Can it overlook all things? Or is this just biblical poetry? But when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

When I told a friend this story yesterday, he told me with full confidence that if his wife or him were to commit adultery, that that they would not separate. I think I could say the same thing, but once again, I have never been or hope to be in that situation. Still, maybe this is the view we should all have.
 What would unconditional love look like in a marriage? In the last couple of entries, I talked about how we should have no “because” in our love. We should never love for any reason. If we do, then our love is based on a thing, and love then becomes a servant of that thing.
 As I searched the scriptures, I stood corrected. We are to love because of one “because” and only one.

We love because he first loved us.

What this verse says is that God is the impetus of all our love. Since God himself is greater than love, then basing our love on God creates a foundation for love that supports it in all its trials. Thus, in order for love to supersede all things, it needs to stand on a foundation greater than itself.

The question then to us in every arena in which we love is this: “Does this act of love find its only anchor in the person of God himself”?

This is why love conquers all. Love does not conquer all because of its innate essence as the thing called “love”, rather love perseveres because its very fuel is the fullness of God.
This is why Jesus says that divorce in certain situation is only because of human weakness.

While it might seem trite, love can easily overcome an adulterous affair. Is not love infinite? Will sin not pass away. The answer is yes. For what seems a mighty hurdle to us, is child’s play for God.
 This is also why God can overlook any sin and send his only Son to die for us. It is because of a fantastical love that flows from a source of infinite power and ability. That source is God Himself.


Young people, you may sometimes feel as though your parents do not understand you. Neither did Jesus’ parents understood him.
You may sometimes have difficulty overlooking your parents’ flaws. But imagine what it was like for Jesus, who was absolutely perfect to have parents who weren’t.
Every day would be an occasion for offense and fault-finding, if Jesus had wanted to criticize his parents.
But here’s this remarkable statement about Jesus: “he was subject to his parents.”
Regardless of their failures and their inability to fully understand him, Jesus obeyed and honored his parents!
What about you? Are you listening to your friends or are you looking at Jesus? Are you following the crowd, or are you respecting your parents?
If Jesus voluntarily submitted himself to the leadership of his flawed and sinful parents, what possible excuse could you give for disregarding your own parents?
If Jesus could overlook his parents faults, when he had none himself, how much more should you able to forgive and overlook your parents’ failings?
Every human being is by nature self-centered or self-exalting. We always want people to speak well and think well of us. We hunger for the compliments and admiration of others. But we should always remember that all these things do not define us, so even when we don’t get them, we should still live a worthy life.
Think about Jesus who is our example, and see how he lived an exemplary life despite what went on around him and the little cheers he got.
Be encouraged today! Be who you want to be!


God is good. He’s not partially good but he’s goodness itself 

He’s so good that his own character is the standard by which he’ll righteously judge the world 

His goodness is not merely an internal attribute,however God is good and so he does good.

God is the God of grace

This explains that God has called us unto his eternal glory

Truth be told, none of us deserves salvation it was not merit where merit or good works, or faithfulness abounded that grace abounds. Salvation is the abounding grace to abounding sinners 

If there is an attribute of God that is popular with even non-Christians, it is the love of God. But even the love of God is widely misunderstood.

God is love, but love is not God. Therefore, God is able to direct, apply, and sustain his love entirely independent of the standards and actions and philosophies of men. God’s love, when properly understood, is just as awesome and fearful as his holiness or wrath.

Because love is an attribute of God, his love is as infinite and eternal as his person and existence is
But an infinite, everlasting love inescapably implies other aspects to God’s love also. If his love is eternal then it must also be unconditional, because no one was present to earn or touch or plead for God’s love in eternity past. And if God loves unconditionally, he must also love sovereignly; he chooses whom to love and how to display his love for them.
But perhaps most precious of all, if God loves infinitely and unconditionally and sovereignly, then he must love immutably — his love does not change, does not wax or wane with the tides and emotions of humanity or history.
If God has ever loved you, then he has forever loved you! Dear reader, rest in the unchanging, sovereign love of God for you today.


Achieving lasting change, and getting what you
want in life, takes a sustained vision of the
future. That vision serves not just as an ongoing source of passion to get there, it helps your identify and tackle the obstacles that have held
you back until now.

These include fear of failure, such as doubts about your own worthiness for success And if you’re like most people, they also involve fear of
achieving the very things you want.
“The fear of success is an unequaled issue that arises when you are genuinely creating change and moving forward in your life 

“The fear of success is true because the future is real-we’re all going there-and what we imagine for our future has an enormous
influence on us.”

Yet, we are clueless how to deal with fears of success,because they’re in the future and we don’t know how to work on
the future. “Our culture is focused on fixing the past. It’s as if we are
driving through life staring in the rear-view mirror. 

To create and prolong success it is important to find and release your fears of success. The more you leave the task sunk, the more your fears will control you 
Fears of success tend to clump around issues. One of the

core fears that arise from change is that success will lead to

loneliness. Women especially fear success because they are afraid that

being powerful enough to create the life they want will render them

unlovable. Sometimes people fear success will mean being attacked by

enemies, or besieged by others wanting money or other things from

Some fears of success are easy to release because they will

probably never happen, such as fears of losing it all. 


So many people make declarations to change for better.

So many people who succeed in making declarations fail. 

But many fail before they give success a chance because of fear. 

Some are afraid of failure while others are afraid of success. 

Careless the source of the fear, it deceives too many and prevents them from achieving what they desire 

1. Comprehend fear and encircle it:Fear isn’t intentional to keep us nonoperational. Embrace fear but don’t allow it to control your actions or emotions. 

2. Handle peer pressure: Surround yourself with friends who will push you out of fear. Walk away from those holding you fine in one spot.

3. Educate yourself: If your fear is based on lack of information or ignorance . What we’re expected to do is to get the piece or knowledge you need to examine the situation based in facts and not hypothesis.
4. Seek for help: You can find a mentor you can confide and discuss with. No man is an island. You need supporters you can’t do everything on your own. Ask people for help, focus on them as your motivation.